Borderless Art Inst.



Country: Iran

Language: Kurdish

Year: 2019 Runtime: 16 min

Frame rate: 24 fps Ratio: 16:9

Format: 4K DCP, MOV

Subtitle: English, Farsi

Sound: 5.1 Dolby Digital

Form: Narrative short film

Location: Kurdistan, Iran

Sales Agent/ Distributor: Borderless Art Inst.

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Akam is a 10 years old Kurdish boy, who lives in a village far from city. On a day of his sister's wedding, he is told by his father to go beyond the village to bring him some bricks to fix the main pool in village for the wedding ceremony. So, Akam leaves the village and, when he gets back, he faces a disaster. He finds everyone dead except his mother, who is deaf and, doesn't have any idea of what happened when Akam was gone.
Director's statement

The core idea of Akam came to my mind when I was dreaming about a kid who, is standing in front of a destroyed cemetery, and looking for his father's grave. I thought to myself that, this is exactly what a child would go through when there is a war going on. We don't even realize that, how disturbing it could be for a kid to sees his/her family suffered to death. War exists because of a few people who we'd called them government, regime or whatever we name it. But who would have to pay the consequence of it is just the normal people with kids among them.

So, I felt that is my mission to bring the moment of truth into a world which we called it cinema. We, people around the world need to see and, understand what it feels to be an innocent and still have an unfortunate destiny in your life. I created a world in which you find happiness, joy, family, life, peace, hope, caring and..., but at the end what it's left is sorrow and deaths. This is the reality of what I as a Middle Eastern director sees in this universe. However, what still make us strong is the faith that has been planted in our soul when we were born. The faith of hope and bright future.
In Akam we want our audience to rely on what they can feel not just what they can see. So, we decided to create a character who, could walk us through among all these up and down moments in our movie. Maybe you'd want to ask me why we have a deaf character who, is the only people survived. I'd answer you: I've always wished we had that ability to choose what to hear what not to hear. So, life would've been more beautiful.

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