Borderless Art Inst.


Director: Hossein mirza moHammadi

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Ladan ( an Iranian actress ) is supposed to be the main character of her husband's (Arash ) first
movie. It also will be the first appearance of her in a movie. However she has been acting in
theatre for a long time. She does everything and rehearsing a lot to do her best in the movie. She
also dropped her role in a play to increase her efforts in her role in the movie. Ladan knows it's
not easy to be an actress in Iran. But, she is determined to be recognized by her role in the movie.
Just before the shooting starts, she finds out that, Arash and the producer of the movie have
swapped her with another girl because, she offered them money for the movie production. So,
Ladan faces two choices, her dream work or her life . But, she chooses revenge.

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